The Provinces of Apulia - Hotels and Holiday Apartments in Apulia, Italy

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The Provinces of Apulia

The Provinces of Apulia


Coat of Arms of Regione Puglia

Apulia (Puglia in italian) is a region of southern Italy, with 4,084,941 inhabitants. Bari is the capital. As you can see from the map, Puglia is bordered to the north-west, Molise, on the west by Campania and Basilicata, is washed by the Adriatic Sea to the east and north, the Ionian Sea to the south. It's the easternmost region of Italy: Punta Palascìa at Otranto, is about 80 km off the coast of Albania and is the easternmost point of Italy. Covering the provinces of Bari, Barletta-Andria-Trani, Brindisi, Foggia, Lecce, Taranto.


Below is a brief overview of tourism in each province:

The Province of Foggia - Enter
The Province of Barletta Andria Trani - Enter
The Province of Bari - Enter
The Province of Brindisi - Enter
The Province of Taranto - Enter
The Province of Lecce - Enter

But why do we have to choose Apulia for a vacation ?

For it's mild and temperate climate, never severe, that enables to come and stay during every season of the year. For its diversified and heterogeneous views then, from its seascapes to its hills offering at the same time and with the same strenght and attractive power sea and rural tourism. But this is not all about Apulia that pleasantly and greedily knows how to be Lucullean. Good Apulian food, taken from the Mediterrean diet and the ancient and precious gastronomic traditions, represent an attraction as big as the Apulian beautiful views or as the cultural and artistic heritage the region boasts. Apulia discovered its most authentic vocation in sustainable tourism thanks to its environmental resources. They are indeed the most precious elements for its productive function.  


Video Tour on Apulia:

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